March 21, 2018

Case Study Monday

This monday we take a look at Ryan’s Apartment complex case in Kern county. Ryan responded to a call from Scott about his property being a great candidate for re-assessment.  He told our account mangers that a few Apartment complex’s in the area sold for much less than the value of his complex. Our assessment team took […]

2015 Property Tax Appeal Application Filing Period begins July 2nd

July 2nd is the first day taxpayers can file an application for temporary property tax relief. If you miss the 2015 filing period all property tax refund opportunities vanish. Understand if the filing period closes without filing an appeal, there is no recourse for recovering over paid property taxes. View the California State Board of Equalization’s […]

California Commercial Property Owners Value Reductions

RPC Property Tax Advisors Provides California Commercial Property Owners with Nearly $800 Million in 2009-2011 Assessed Property Value Reductions SAN DIEGO — August 24 , 2011 — RPC Property Tax Advisors (RPC) has provided California commercial property owners with nearly $800 million in property tax assessment reductions for the period of 2009-2011,  saving them more […]