The Clock is ticking on these 9 counties to file an assessment appeal application

Nine California Counties will cease accepting 2015 assessment appeal application in just a few weeks!
If a property taxpayer misses the application filing deadline, then all 2015 property tax refunds will be lost forever…The following California Counties cease accepting 2015 assessment appeal applications on September 15, 2015:
San Francisco
San Luis Obispo
Santa Clara

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The sooner an appeal application is submitted the sooner your tax refund will be processed. If you purchased your property after January 2005 there is a very strong possibility you qualify for a substantial property tax refund.

RPC pays any upfront county filing fees and initial appraisal costs if we determine there are significant tax refund opportunities! Our fees are based on a percentage of the tax savings, no tax savings no charge.  RPC handles all aspects of the appeal process from the initial review to your property tax refund.

Trusted since 1989, RPC has saved California commercial property and apartment owners millions in over assessed property taxes.
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