Who looks at your property?

Kyle here, market research analyst at the RPC.
When you call in or submit your property online, I’m the guy who takes a look at it.
I use all of the most advanced Real Estate software including CoStar, Core Logic’s RealQuest as well as LoopNet to gather information.  I have been working with these programs for years and can promise you that your initial review will wield the best results possible.  It doesn’t matter if you own a 3,000 Sqft office in Riverside or a 120unit apartment complex in San Francisco, your property will be looked at extensively.
I just did a review on a Strip Center in Riverside where the property was overassessed by $745,015! Thats a potential $8,195 back in the owners pocket after the appeal!
Your property could be overassessed by even more.
Don’t wait until your tax bill comes out to get started on your 2015 appeal.
Have a WONDERFUL weekend.