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RPC Property Tax Advisors, LLC has assisted California property owners reduce one of their largest annual expenses, Property Taxes!
RPC adds bottom line value to an owners real estate investment and provides state of the art, property tax appeal services.

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Partner with RPC Property Tax Advisors

Want to partner with RPC and offer our tax review service on your website through RPC Property Tax Advisors?

With our Partner Program, we are now offering our online tax review service to our clients. We will customize a landing

page that you can link to from your site. This landing page with our review form will be made to look exactly like your website and

once the form is completed the client can be sent back to your website or a customized thank you page.

Here is an example of a customized Property Tax Review Form. Click on any image:


Promus Commercial Partners - Live Demo


Get started today.

If you are interested in setting up a tax review page for your website, please fill out the form below.

We will then contact you to collect any further details and provide any information or support that you may need.

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We can estimate whether you have potential for property tax savings when you request a No Cost Review

Did your business suffer revenue losses due to COVID-19?

Eligible businesses could qualify for up to $26K per employee.